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Red Bot Tibia 9.44 download Cracked + scripts.

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Here's a link to download script pack:

My Scripts Features:
* Depositor
* Soft Refiller
* Spear Refiller
* Hp/Mp Refiller
* Easy configurable BP's System
Essa é a tela principal, nao gostei muito dela ainda entao provavelmente mudará:

Guild for Knight and Paly.

Level 90+ From now both profesions can bot on Edron/Venore Dragon Lair. For sure to have a profit you need to have soft boots there. Exp is like 90k/1h.

Level 110+ Draggons will be boring after some lvl-s. So now you can change your exp spot on Yalahar Heros/Necros or GS banuta on Paly.

From now both vocations should have Softs and Full Sets.
In the way from 1 till 200 lvl you will have some bonus cash from quests like:
-Demon Helmet Quest.

Level 130+ - Now your chars will be able to Bot on many Tibia Spots.
I will discribe about few of them.
-Frost Dragons. Exp: 110-120k/1h no profit on Knight till 150 LvL.
-Quaras. Exp: 90k/1h both voc have profit here.
-POI/Fenrock DL-s with firewalker boots. Exp: 150k/1h i think waste without big luck.
- Worker/War Golems. Exp: 100k/1h Big Profit.

Remember to stand diagonal to monster which attac are waves/beams.

Also Pally Can Try

Level 110 to 130++ - Helheim -5
Level 110 to 130++ - Cults Goroma
Here begins the good thing, never have people hunting these spawns, then you can put ON your bot, and leave it there all day without problems, here's always a nice profit, dropping rares and items of addon.A exp is practically the same in both places, ranging from 90 ~ 110k/Hour. You will need food in both places.

Um Healer avançado baseado no do Neobot, voce será capaz de usar valores Exatos ou Percentuais com valores random. Voce será capaz de adicionar quantas regras de heal voce quizer:


LEVEL 60 - 100.

Is time to go yalahar! Yalahar have a lot of spots where you can hunt manually, but if u want bot, the best way are Necros / Heros.
SET: Wear the best set that you can. When I was in this stage, I had this set: Focus Cape, hat of the mad, blue legs, BOH, SpellBook of Mind Control, Hailstorm rod.
LEVEL 70 - 130.

Level some where to lv 70 or Stay in Nargor to get lv 70.
IS time for water elementals! Everything here is nice, exp, loot, resp...

Ill edit my guid little l8r to add more hunting places etc!

If you know other good places to hunt, post here and you i'll help me.
Im to lazy to attach like 700 scripts so please,if You dont trust me,you're free to blame all flame msg's will be ignored anyway.

Here's screenshot of my Package.. (Not all)

[D] - Depositer
[S] - Soft Refiller
[T] - Task
[R] - Mana Refiller
[A] - 100% AFK

Most Popular That You can find in Pack:

Sea serpents Svar [D] [S] [T] [R]
Earth & Waters elementals [D] [S] [T] [R]
Heros/necros [D] [R] [A]
Mutated Rat's Yalahar [T] [R] [D] [A]
Fenrock DLs
Liberty Bay Wyrms [S] [R] [D]
Drefia Wyrms [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Arena [D] [R]
Liberty Bay Earth Elementals & Nightstalkers [R] [D]
Darashia Dragons [D] [S] [R] [A]
Darashia Dragon Lords [D] [S] [R]
Mutated Rats/Bat/Tigers [D] [S] [R]
Blue djins[D] [S] [R]
Barbarians Krimhorn
Okolnir South-West Mage [D] [S] [R]
Cave Worker Golems [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Cults [D] [S] [R]
Giant Spider Yalahar [D] [S] [R]
Edron Dragons [D] [S] [R]
Necro/Hero Yalahar West [D] [S] [R]
Haunted Treeling Yalahar/Vengoth [S] [R] [D] [A]
Dark Cathedral [A]
Malada Quara Scouts
Apes [S] [R] [D] [A] Big Profit
Zao/Fermine Scripts
Ghostly Dragons Hardcore
Frost Dragons Okolnir (For All Vocations) [S] [R] [D] [A]
Hydras Ank [R] [D]
Arena Mutated [S] [R] [D]
Bog Raiders - All Voces [S] [R] [D]
Crystal spiders [A]
Cyclops Mistrock [R] [D] [A]
Dragons Yalahar [R] [A]
Larvas Ankh - All spawns [R] [D] [A]
Minotaurs Yalahar [R] [D] [A]
Mutant Rats 2 towers [S] [R] [D] [A]
Nightamres Yala - all Voces [S] [R] [D] [A]
Orc Fortes - All Voces [D] [A]
Scarabs Ankh All Spawns [R] [D] [A]
Tarantules Port Hope
Venore Dragon Lair - All Voces [S] [R] [D] [A]
Rookgard 1-8 lvl Pacc
Worker Golems [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar GS [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Ice Witch [A]
Yalahar Quaras
Calassa Quaras
Yalahar Zombies [S] [R] [D] [A]
War Golems [R] [D]
Travel Scripts
Tela do Cavebot - Como voce pode ver ela se parece com a do antigo Elfbot, com algumas funçoes extras e uma configuraçao para alarmes fácilitada. O sistema de scripting nao está finalizado ainda mas eu espero adicionar o sistema de LUA, assim todos serao capazes de importar scripts do Neobot fazendo-os funcionar sem nenhuma modificaçao.

It is .Zip, yes, but sorry im not a pathetic to waste 10hrs to atach so many files.
You're free to blame me.
Also post Your proposals please!

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